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We will find a solution to non-standard IT tasks
Our team is ready to turn your wildest fantasies into reality
Professional Web Development
We know how to make your website, shop or web cabinet.
A new stage for your business, growth in sales and profitability.
Java Enterprise Development
We offer rich experience and the best software solutions for your business processes

Lab42 - the common sense provider to the harsh reality

What kind of lab is this? Now we will try to answer this question.
Who are we?
Who are we?

We are the team of professionals in information technologies. We create the effective product solutions, stylish and functional the Internet services and mobile applications. Our specialists have a long-term experience with the best technologies for creation of really working projects.

We began the activity since 2012, and during this time developed several of our own IT products. We have more than 35 highly qualified employees in various IT areas.

Why do we do it?
Why do we do it?

Because we believe that we can benefit society: to help the companies to optimize business processes and improve the lives of their customers, making difficult things easier.
We always keep up to date also trends, understanding that to always study is the first sign of post-industrial society. And knowledge and information is the first resource of this worldview. We easily master new technologies and introduce them into everyday use, daily making micro-revolutions as Tony Stark.

Who is this for?
Who is this for?

Requirements of each company are unique. Different business sectors need different software products. We create modern and effective solutions, considering all features of your company, industry and market.

Why 42? The name is partly taken from the famous Douglas Adams novel “The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy”, where 42 is “the answer to the main question of life, the Universe and all that ...”. We courageously took this name because we believe that in our area we can give the answer to any question.

What we do?
Web development

Our services in development of web applications and the user programming include all: from a simple website with content management system (CMS) support to the most complex web applications, e-commerce portals and social networking services.

Mobile apps development

We develop native and cross-platform mobile applications for iOS and Android as separate products, and in addition to a web development. During the work with clients we as much as possible consider features of business processes and requirements of the customer, we use modern trends in a usability, security, design, offering the most optimal solutions.

Java Application Development

Our team has wide experience of Java Enterprise applications development. During the work with such level clients we use a strict approach to the most detailed study of the customer’s business processes; We build a strong project team which closely works with the customer organization staff; We develop full-fledged architecture of the project and treat the code documentation with big attention.

MVP solutions for startups

The Laboratory42 team of analysts has the competencies to help start-up startups identify the main MVP core from a business idea, by implementing which, users and potential investors will be able to evaluate a startup. The Lab42 development team will help you decide on a technology stack and develop a startup MVP from scratch, be it a web service, a mobile application, an information system, etc.

Our advantages
Case-by-case approach
We use an case-by-case approach to each client, offering effective and exclusive solutions
Long-term experience
We offer expert knowledge in the field of the latest solutions and technologies in the software development
Maximum Support
We provide technical support to our customers at all stages of software implementation
Solid analysis
We carry out the most detailed analysis of the client company's business processes
Full range of services
We offer a full service, necessary for application development of any complexity, from zero to the final product
Comprehensive testing
We conduct software testing to ensure the quality of the delivered product
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