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Enterprise solutions

It is difficult to imagine a modern business without IT solutions, computer programs, websites, applications. This, from once a curiosity, has become a given and a necessity. Accounting programs, office programs, warehouse management programs, various CRM, ERP, logistics programs, cash accounting and control programs, financial programs, remote banking programs and even ordinary (and of course unusual :))) sites.

However, it is rare that an out-of-the-box program can satisfy all the needs of a business and, moreover, 100% correspond to all the subtleties and nuances of business processes in a company. Of course, all developers who represent a particular product or service are constantly improving and improving it, however, in the process of optimizing business processes, some average, universal parameters are considered. It is at the junction of various systems, as a rule, that the points of optimizing business processes and the possibility of increasing the efficiency of any modern company lie.

Integration of individual software solutions with internal CRM systems, databases, and existing corporate systems allows you to optimize business processes, make algorithms solve routine tasks, minimize the risks of human errors, redistribute employee tasks to those areas where it is really needed, gain more control over actions of employees, automate the process of collecting data and preparing reports, expand the capabilities of already used applications, services and databases through integration.

Corporate solutions include:
- personal account for clients;
- personal account for employees;
- individually developed CRM system or loyalty system (for example, for a travel agency or retailer);
- document management system, warehouse or production management (for example, for production with distributed warehouses, cafes and restaurants);
- system of logistics and optimization;
- mobile application for employees;
- access control and management system.

Our specialists have developed and successfully implemented various corporate solutions, some of them:

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