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Developed software support

Software support services are generally technical support or troubleshooting services that are provided for specific software products. These services include revenue generated from long-term technical support contracts or on a pay-as-you-go basis. Software support services typically include remote troubleshooting capabilities, installation assistance, and basic usage assistance. Remote troubleshooting capabilities can be provided through telephone and online communication tools, or without human assistance through automated tools that reside on the customer's device or are available online.

Software support services may include installation services for new products, installation of product updates, migration for major software releases, other types of proactive or reactive local services, and support custom applications or infrastructure software. Services may be provided by the product vendor, consulting firm, or third party software developers.

Software products and technologies covered by this category include commercial and consumer operating systems, application software, and infrastructure software. Software support services do not include updates and software license code updates, which vendors often report as software maintenance.

The Lab42 software maintenance team proposes the following list of work:

  • preventive check of software operation;
  • handling information;
  • doing work to change the configuration of program objects;
  • doing work to fix software failures;
  • perform work to restore the software;
  • consulting on software operation;
  • virus protection;
  • database maintenance;
  • file system maintenance;
  • fixing stability issues;
  • addressing performance issues, etc.

Maintenance work can be carried out either on a scheduled basis (monthly or according to a schedule, for example, once every three months — ongoing maintenance), or one-time (based on the specification).

The Lab42 team provides services to support their software solutions for free for a year after the end of development.

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