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Development of JAVA applications

Due to the explosive growth of Internet technologies, the need to develop exclusive applications for companies in completely different fields of activity has become acute. A standardized architecture is an absolute must when developing enterprise applications.

Java has been on the development market for over 20 years, and during that time, developers have been able to tackle the challenges of layered applications, interoperable features, and complex security. Java applications have become an integral part of network and distribution application development. The largest consumers of Java technologies are large and medium-sized companies.

In solving this kind of tasks, our team uses the following technology stack: Spring Boot, Hybernate, Thymeleaf, Microservices (RabbitMq/Kafka), working with various SQL and noSQL databases, as well as combining different platforms (languages) on one project.

We offer Java Enterprise application development, consulting and JEE-related solutions of any level of complexity.

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