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Processing of personal data

Personal data processing rules

 The Rules for the processing of personal data (the Rules) apply to relations related to the processing of personal data of users of the site by Laboratory of Advanced Technologies LLC (the Website).

Basic terms:

The subject of personal data (User) is an individual in respect of whom personal data is processed.

The operator (hereinafter referred to as the Laboratory 42) is a limited liability company "Laboratory of Advanced Developments" that processes personal data.

Personal data processing is any action or set of actions performed with personal data, including collection, systematization, storage, modification, use, depersonalization, blocking, distribution, provision, deletion of personal data.

General provisions:

1. The Laboratory 42 processes personal data in accordance with the requirements of the legislation.

2.The User provides his personal data for the purposes of:

- obtaining consulting services;

- receiving advertising and informational materials, including those distributed over telecommunication networks by making direct contacts using communication means and/or otherwise.

3. Processed data:

- name;

- email address;

- phone number;

- other data that will be specified in the request (optional).

4. The Laboratory 42 takes legal, organizational and technical measures to ensure the protection of personal data from unauthorized or accidental access to them, modification, blocking, copying, distribution, provision, deletion of personal data, as well as from other unlawful actions with respect to personal data.

The Laboratory 42 stores the User's personal data for the period necessary for the purposes for which such data was processed, or for the period provided for by law. After achieving the goals or in case of revocation of the consent of the personal data subject, the Laboratory 42 will delete the personal data.

5. The User has the right to:

- revoke consent to the processing of personal data;

- receive information regarding the processing of personal data and changes to personal data;

- get information about the provision of personal data to third parties;

- to demand the termination of the processing of personal data and (or) their deletion.

6. The User gives his consent and does not object to the Laboratory 42 sending messages, including advertising or other information of other content to the phone number or email address or using other means of communication specified by the User in the contact or other web forms of the Site.

7. Confirmation of the User's Consent is carried out in the process of sending contact and other web forms by the User on the Website by clicking the flag "I agree with the Rules for processing personal data" placed next to the button for sending form data. The moment when the form submission button is clicked means that the User confirms his consent to all the terms of the Rules and unconditionally accepts them.

8. By accepting the terms of these Rules, the User confirms that when sending contact and other web forms on the Site, the User has provided reliable personal data, gives his consent to perform actions with his personal data, as well as with information concerning the User and related to commercial or other legally protected secrets, by the owner of the Site.

9. These Rules apply from the moment they are accepted by the User on the Site in the manner specified in clause 7 of these Rules, and are valid until the User's access to the Site is terminated or in other cases provided for by law.

10. The Laboratory 42 does not bear any responsibility for the distortion and leakage of the User's personal data, information concerning the User and relating to commercial or other legally protected secrets, through an unsecured communication channel.

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