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Launching our own products

The Laboratory42 team is engaged in launching its own software and hardware startups, searching for and attracting investors, as well as joint participation in projects. We carefully approach market research, business model building and competitor assessment. Our company employs real professionals with more than 15 years of experience in development, who can analyze and develop a project of any complexity.

At the first stage of the startup implementation, we comprehensively check the idea - we conduct A / B testing of many aspects of its implementation, interview and question the segment of potential users, and take a responsible approach to the documentation. We never lose sight of legal, financial, intellectual property issues, working with leading companies in the field of legal and accounting services. One of our main advantages is a formed team for all stages of a startup project, which always quickly tests hypotheses and makes decisions without clinging to what may not work or fail. This approach is highly valued by investors.

Enterprise Delivery Automation Program

PandaBox is a software package and practical developments that allow you to build a highly efficient corporate delivery. Great for cafes and restaurants with their own delivery service, as well as for online stores and courier services.

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Loyalty program platform for retail

LoyalOne is a software complex of Laboratory42 – a platform for loyalty programs for retail chains, which has a lot of useful features and capabilities, is a web service, a mobile application with a personal client account.

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Corporate Internet Communications Platform

SIMWAL is a multimodal corporate platform that organizes full control of your organization's work processes, is sold to the owner without additional payments, is installed on the customer's server and has a closed architecture.

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PDF Presentation Builder

PDFCASE is a proprietary development of our Laboratory 42 - a PDF presentation builder created in an original design that helps to optimize business processes, make long and routine actions easier when preparing PDF presentations, collages, photo reports and catalogs.

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Ticketing platform with analytics system

Ticketcase is a platform for the sale and control of electronic tickets without the participation of intermediaries, which is a web service, a mobile application with a personal client account, a server part and more.

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If you have a desire to launch a project based on one of our products in its pure form or you want to use one of our products with modifications or changes, please contact us so that we can acquaint you in more detail with the features of the product you are interested in and the terms of cooperation, we We will send you presentations, discuss the details, prepare an assessment of your ideas. We know how to hear what the customer wants, we are always focused on achieving high results - such qualities are a strong foundation for mutual understanding and trust in cooperation with us.

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