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LoyalOne - a platform for loyalty programs for retail chains with an analytics system

LoyalOne – a software package developed by our Laboratory, which is a platform for loyalty programs for retail chains, which has a lot of useful features and capabilities, is implemented as a web service with a personal client account, a mobile application, server software.

The LoyalOne platform gives users the following options:

  • implementation for the customer's website in accordance with the specifics of business processes;
  • direct communication with customers;
  • Almost unlimited customization

And the possibilities of the user's personal account are much greater:

  • implemented login and registration of new users;
  • you can replace the card if it is lost, or link the card to another number;
  • organized access to purchase statistics, amounts of expenses and savings;
  • opportunities for surveys, surveys, data collection;
  • user can receive information about available bonuses, personal offers and notifications about promotions;
  • These and other opportunities can open up for you on our platform.

We have developed a personal account on a qualitatively new level, taking into account the fact that the personal account is used more often on a mobile device than through a browser. The need for regular authorization when using all the functionality of the personal account has been eliminated, work with geolocation and geotargeting, reading a barcode / QR code from the phone screen has been implemented.

Thanks to our platform, marketers can send notifications to loyalty program users without resorting to expensive sms / viber mailing services. You can conduct marketing research with high accuracy, using the capabilities of geolocation, building heat maps and more.

Let's list some of the advantages of the LoayalOne platform:

  • accurate marketing research;
  • single information space - connection of a personal account and a mobile application with the loyalty card system API;
  • LoyalOne platform server software hosted on a VPS server or Cloud server that allows you to cope with the necessary load;
  • Responsive design allows you to use the service equally conveniently on any device.

Areas of application of the "LoyalOne" platform as different as the possibilities. The platform can be successfully applied in beauty salons, hotels, restaurants, cafes, bars, air and trucking companies, gas station networks and many other services.

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