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PandaBox - corporate delivery automation software

PandaBox is a software package and practical developments that allow you to build a highly efficient corporate delivery. Great for cafes and restaurants with their own delivery service, as well as for online stores and courier services.

PandaBox Benefits:

1. Well-thought-out logic and polished mechanics of software solutions

2. Integration experience with R_keeper, a popular restaurant software throughout the CIS

3. Intuitive interface for forwarders, managers, business owners

4. Technical support directly from the developers

5. The ability to make individual customizations and improvements

6. Free consultation for clients

7. Analysis of the existing delivery mechanics (before implementation) and development of a plan for
optimization of delivery business processes

8. Affordable price for any business!

PandaBox consists of the following components:

1. Android mobile application for forwarders (couriers)

2. Server software

3. Personal account for a logistician (senior courier), accountant, administrator and other roles

4. Integration modules with third-party software

Personal account:

1. Create an unlimited number of forwarder accounts

2. Editing data of retail objects

3. Registration of any number of administrators/managers with the right to access information related to delivery

4. The "Reports" module, which allows you to see:

  • Dates/times of work shifts for forwarders
  • Number of completed orders
  • Amounts and type of payment for the selected period of any object
  • Photo reports provided by forwarders
  • Spent delivery time by forwarder of individual orders
  • Forwarder's shift time
  • Mileage per shift

5. The "Locations" module, which allows you to:

  • monitor all active forwarders on a shift in real time.
  • display the routes of movement of an individual forwarder for a work shift, the idle time of forwarders at an address.

6. The ability to change settings, for example, as the maximum number of orders that a forwarder can take at a time

7. Ability to change system phrases in the forwarding application

8. Configurable data archive storage time

Mobile application:

1. Providing forwarders with information about new orders in real time. The freight forwarder logs in using his account and gets access only to the information that is necessary for the current shift.

Other employees do not waste their time communicating information to the forwarder.

2. Providing freight forwarders with accurate order information:

  • Order No.
  • Delivery address
  • Delivery time
  • Amount and expected payment method
  • Comments

3. Real-time order status changes

4. Timer with a countdown to the delivery time to the customer with a color indication, which allows you to plan and control the delivery time more precisely

5. Use of familiar navigation through one click, which will allow the forwarder not to waste time searching for the addressee

6. Call the client in one click, which will allow the forwarder to call your client without wasting precious time

7. Choosing a real type of payment for the order by the client

8. List of completed orders and their number

9. Total amount of completed orders, as well as by type of card/cash

10. Photo control required by manager


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