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PDFCASE - inbrowser PDF presentation builder

PDFCASE is a PDF presentation builder developed by our Lab 42 to optimize business processes, facilitate the long and often routine work of preparing PDF presentations and catalogs. According to our research, in some companies, employees spend up to 65% of their working time on routine tasks related to preparing presentations for clients. Our product allows you to optimize the preparation process and bring it to a qualitatively new level, saving the working time of employees and the company's finances.

How does our builder work?

First, the design and the necessary set of templates are prepared, which are diverse and attractive. When all sets are prepared, a program directory structure is created and all the necessary information is entered into the database.

Next, the configurator works, it is with its help that a presentation is created from the scattered selected data in the required logical sequence. A big plus is the saving of time - the generation takes place almost instantly.

The convenience of working with our constructor is that changes can be made from any device - even from a mobile phone, if necessary, for example, on the road. Organized the ability to work with several specialists at once, which also has a positive effect on efficiency.

Our company strives to optimize everything it can actually work on, so our "PDFCASE" constructor optimizes the size of output PDF files for sending via email, instant messengers and other communication tools.

Summing up the summary of the description of the "PDFCASE" presentation builder, we can highlight the following main advantages in working with it:

  • make data changes in minutes;
  • add, remove, hide new entries;
  • work from any place and any device (usually everything is done in files, there are problems with synchronization if several specialists work, but our constructor solves all these issues);
  • you can use different versions of the same document;
  • generate size-optimized PDF presentations of 100 or more pages in seconds;
  • an expensive opportunity - saving a lot of time on routine work.

So, thanks to our constructor, the user gets great opportunities, remains only in the "plus", is satisfied, and the work performed is especially pleasing with its style, colors and perfect rhythm.

Save money on optimizing routine tasks with "PDFCASE" tool and just make sure you win!

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