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SIMWAL - Corporate Internet Communications Platform

Corporate communications platform SIMWAL– is a multimodal corporate platform that allows you to combine various features in one service to fully control the workflows of your organization.

SIMWAL allows you to combine the following features in one service:

  • multichannel walkie-talkie with support for end-to-end encryption;
  • corporate messenger with encryption support and the ability to attach files and photos;
  • task scheduler: personal assignment of tasks to employees and control over their implementation;
  • navigation module: linking tasks to the map, movement control;
  • Individual solutions for your company - we will carefully study your business processes and requirements and implement the most convenient system.

The server part of SIMWAL is installed on your own or rented server. All processing and secure storage of data takes place in it. Work on the administration and management of the platform is carried out through the office, which is a convenient full-featured Windows application. All the main activities of task performers take place away from office computers, so their working tool is installed on a mobile phone to be always at hand.

When developing the service, we developed an interface oriented towards corporate clients, combining easy manageability and control. We envisioned and created the application to be flexible, with variability in setting user rights based on a two-level system of roles and implementing the principle of "scope".

During the development, we took into account the need for compatibility of the – our platform is easily compatible with headsets of any kind.

The process of putting the application into production takes place in stages, in a logical order and with careful analysis and control over each stage – we do this for every task we are given.

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