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TICKETCASE - ticketing platform with analytics system

The product has been designed to solve many of the problems and challenges faced by event organizers and attendees, for example:

  • queues at the box office and loss of time;
  • Difficulty in purchasing tickets for persons with disabilities;
  • solves organizers' costs for ticket printing and distribution staff, for the use of third-party intermediary ticketing platforms by 15%, for the rental or purchase of equipment to control ticket actions.

We have developed the product to be simple and understandable, so working with it is available to everyone, the set of actions is minimal:

  1. Sign up on the site
  2. Selecting a specific competition from the calendar
  3. Ordering the required number of tickets
  4. Pay with a bank card or another convenient method of your choice
  5. Receiving an electronic ticket by mail, with the ability to print it or use it on the mobile phone screen when entering the competition.

In addition to accessibility and ease, the system has the following advantages:

  • the user buys a ticket on the website and in the mobile app;
  • You do not need to print a ticket to enter the event;
  • the queue is eliminated when buying a ticket, which saves time;
  • Event organizers receive continuous customer service technology and the complete absence of intermediaries;

For users, the Ticketcase platform is a web service and a mobile application with a personal account of the Client, an electronic ticket.

For the organizers of Ticketcase – it is a web service with three types of roles, a server part, a mobile module for controlling visitor entry. Organizers also get the opportunity to create electronic tickets (generating Bar- and QR-codes) and a 4-digit alphanumeric code for manual control, sell tickets for events, and control their sale by various payment methods.

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