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Information system for controlling the delivery department for a chain of fast food restaurants

What is done:
- studied the business processes of courier delivery
- developed server software
- integration with a client third-party CRM service
- developed a mobile application for employees (couriers)
- developed a mobile application for buyers
- developed an administration and control panel with access rights

Tasks to be solved:
- Automation of the process of obtaining comprehensive information about delivery orders
- Convenient mechanism for changing order statuses
- Calculation of metrics for a work shift
- Collection of geodata about the location of the courier, saving the history of movements, calculating the mileage per shift
- Automated data collection and processing for reporting

Benefit from implementation:
- Couriers now have the opportunity to visually work with current orders, see the next orders, plan time, routes, see the metrics of the current shift
- Managing couriers has become easier: the load on communications has decreased several times, the current load has become clearly visible through the administration and control panel. One employee began to perform as much work as previously performed by 5 or more.
- Increased transparency of employees' actions
- Reduced the number of human mistakes.
- Reduced workload on other employees.
- Increased efficiency of work with cash transactions.
- Simplified reporting.

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