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Loyalty program for chain retailer

What is done:
- studied the current infrastructure of the discount program
- an analysis of the possibilities of interaction with the server software of the discount program was carried out
- recommendations were developed to improve the existing software for effective interaction
- server software developed
- integration with third-party client services
- developed mobile  apps
- developed an administration and control panel with access rights

Tasks to be solved:
- automation of the process of obtaining comprehensive information about customers
- collecting data on preferences and purchases for the development of loyalty programs
- digitalization of data of current cardholders (confirmation of available information, collection of new necessary personal data, phone number verification).
- registration of new users
- individualization of loyalty programs
- obtaining operational information in the course of promotions, games, etc.

Benefit from implementation:
- digitalization and updating of 70% of the data of current holders of discount cards upon re-registration
- simplification of customer registration in the loyalty program, this allowed us to almost completely abandon paper questionnaires.
- improving the correctness of user data by using input filters
- the ability to run surveys of a loyal audience of any complexity, with minimal operating costs
- an additional profit channel for the sale of advertising, segmented according to any criteria with minimal operating costs
- targeted communication with a loyal audience.

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